Exulansis is short film that explores the challenges of explaining a mental illness to people who do not actually deal with any mental illnesses. The first effect on the dancer depicts anxiety. The jittering movement of the wires represent the feeling of unease. The second effect represents BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder. The exploding and jittery effect represent the random explosive feelings of intense emotion that one can feel at any given time.

For this project my job was to create the destruction on the warehouse, all motion capture aspects, and all character effects aspects.


I imported each asset of the warehouse, modeled by Adrienne Johnson, so that each piece could be UVed separately.

Each asset is UVed individually

I fractured each object individually and put the material node after the Voronoi fracture to have the inside/outside groups for each element.

Full fracturing node tree

Close up of fracturing

After fracturing I brought in the fractured elements into a new node for constraining.

Full constraint node tree

Close up of individual constraints

Merged individual constraints for overall constraint and merged geometry

All objects were brought into the DOP network as RBD packed objects.

Collision objects

DOP Network

After completing the simulation, I put the data from the DOP network using the point data onto the geometry.

Bringing information out of the DOP Network

Applying the data brought from the DOP Network onto the merged geometry

Finally, I cached the geometry and merged the static objects back into the simulation along with a newly textured(textured by Adrienne Johnson) floor. I used the time warp nodes to slow down the destruction, adjust the frame range, and reverse the destruction.